Michigan High Res EEG - UMHS 0019

William C Stacey, M.D.

Scalp and intracranial grid EEG for UMHS0019. Class II outcome

Updated on December 18, 2023 (Version 1)

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William Stacey
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Dataset Overview


59 y/o woman with 7 days of scalp EEG and 8 days of intracranial EEG (5 electrode grids and 1 electrode strip) and sleep staging. She had right anterior lobectomy. Pathology showed mild gliosis. Had Class II outcome.

The electrodes in the seizure onset zones are: [ 91 92 ].
The electrodes in the resected volume are: [ 46:51 53:57 62:64 81:106 ].

File Information

EEG data and metadata are stored in the files.

TXT files

  • database-patientID-sessionNumber.chanHdr.txt: Meta data on the channels used
    • nChan: Number of active channels
    • nChanTot: Total number of channels
    • macro: Macroelectrodes
    • micro: Microelectrodes
    • depth: Intracranial grid electrodes
    • ECoG: Intracranial grid electrodes
    • external: Scalp electrodes
    • chanMap: Electrodes indicated in the channel map
  • database-patientID-sessionNumber.clinHdr.txt: Clinical meta data
    • knowSOZ: Whether the seizure onset zone was known
    • knowIfResected: Whether there will be resection
    • didResect: Whether there was resection
    • knowResectedVol: Whether the resected volume was known
    • knowOutcome: Whether the patient oucome was known
    • ILAE_outcome: Epilepsy surgery seizure outcome using the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Outcome Scale
    • RV: Electrodes placed in the resected volume
    • SOZ: Electrodes placed in the seizure onset zone
    • highIIS: Electrodes placed at locations with interictal spikes

DOCX files

  • database-patientID.LTM.docx: De-identified copy of clinical and hospitalization record
  • database-patientID.surgical-report.docx: Surgical report
  • database-patientID.pathology.docx: Pathology information
  • database-patientID.electrode-placement.docx: Electrode placement

PPT files

These files contain clinical information.

LAY files

These files contain Persyst EEG data.

DAT files

These files contain Persyst EEG data.


  • MAT files contain EEG metadata.
  • MinutesFromStart.mat contains the duration (minutes) from the first EEG sample of the patient to the first EEG sample taken in each session.
  • PatientID-sleep-scores.mat contains information from sleep staging.
    • time: Time at the sleep stage
    • stageCode: The indices that correspond to the sleep stages in stage
    • stage: Sleep stage
    • nonREMsleep: Details during non-REM sleep
  • LAY files can be read with inifile.m, lay_data_read.m, and lay_hdr_read.m.


  • Ensure that the codes are in the active folder or in your MATLAB path.
  • Change the false to true if you want to read the annotations into the header. Not recommended for long clinical EEG.
  • The startIdx and stopIdx are the indexes from the .dat file you are interested in. For the start of the file, startIdx=1. For the end of the file, stopIdx = hdr.datapoints.
    hdr = lay_hdr_read(filename,false);  
    data = lay_data_read(hdr,startIdx,stopIdx);


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