Functional neuronal nodose recording from pig - Cardiac field chemical and mechanical stimulation

Marmar Vaseghi, Ph.D.
Jeffrey L Ardell, Ph.D.
Kalyanam Shivkumar, Ph.D.
Siamak Salavatian, Ph.D.

Recordings made form pig nodose ganglion with linear bipolar electrodes. Cardiac stimulation of various files via mechanical-touch- and chemical to determine response type- unipolar or multimodal from neurons residing within nodose ganglion.

Updated on November 17, 2020 (Version 2)

Corresponding Contributor:

Marmar Vaseghi
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Dataset Overview

Study Purpose: The goal of the study is to identify which cells of the vagus nerve in the nodose ganglion (sometimes called inferior ganglion) innervate the heart by testing various stimulation protocols.

Data Collection: Recordings made from pig nodose ganglion via bipolar/multimodal electrode recordings to determine activity and associated pressures and blood gases were collected.

Primary Conclusion: Feasibility and capability to record from nodose ganglion, afferent recording, which innervate the heart and show responses to heart stimulation via touch and chemical.

Curator's Notes

Experimental Design: A single pig was anesthetized, surgery performed, and used for neuronal output recording, followed by ECG recording. Regional activation recovery intervals (ARI) recordings and assessment of systolic left ventricle pressures were conducted. Blood gases were also monitored and recorded.

Completeness: This dataset is part of a larger study. Related datasets are available. Additional data pertaining to the same subject that includes complex network recordings, afferent, efferent, and ICN network is also available on the portal in the dataset denoted "Cardioneural recordings"

Subjects & Samples: This study used one 4-month-old male Yorkshire pig. Recordings were made in vivo.

Primary vs derivative data: Primary folder is organized by study identification and contains spike data (smrx), spike configuration (s2rx), experiment metadata (xlsx), and sorted neural spike data (mat). There is no derivative folder for this study.

Important Notes: This study contains a document folder that contains a tiff formatted figure and the associated experimental metadata (xlsx).

Code Availability: Not applicable.


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