Prototype Simulation of Undiseased Human Cardiac Ventricular Cells

Colleen Clancy
Pei-Chi Yang

A prototype use-case package consisting of a single-cell, 1D and 2D tissue model for simulation of autonomic effects on the cardiovascular system derived from the human ventricular model developed by O'Hara and Rudy group.

Updated on May 9, 2020 (Version 2, Revision 1)

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Colleen Clancy
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Dataset Overview

Study purpose: To develop computational biology tools for the study of arrhythmia mechanisms at all levels of the cardiac system (ion-channel, cardiac cell, multicellular tissue, whole-heart).

Data collection: This dataset includes a prototype Cardiac use-case (sample dataset developed by and utilized by various CORES within the UC Davis research group) package for modeling and simulation of autonomic effects on the cardiovascular system starting from the human ventricular model developed by O'Hara and Rudy group ( and

Primary conclusion: Informed simulator predictions will be used to guide ongoing experiments in SPARC projects and to interpret patient data, allowing for tight integration and synergy across multiple arms of the SPARC initiative. The cell model has proven to be the most useful didactic and research tool. Sitting in front of a computer monitor, researchers can interactively explore the workings of cardiac cells and simulate various interventions such as the effects of anti-arrhythmic drugs.

Curator's Notes

Experimental Design: Experimental data was previously collected for over a span of 15 years (

Completeness: Complete

Subjects & Samples: This study contains a dataset.

Primary vs derivative: Primary and Derivative folders do not exist for this study.

Important notes: The “use case” is an example data set and model that was utilized to show the interaction of the various CORES with the UC Davis research group.

Code Availability: Code for the cardiac use-case package consists of a single-cell model, one-dimensional tissue, and two-dimensional tissue models with documentation. Model code can be downloaded:

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