ASCENT Tutorial

Daniel P Marshall
Princess Tara Zamani
Eric D Musselman, M.S.
Warren M Grill, Ph.D.
Nicole A Pelot, Ph.D.
Katie Zhuang
Elisabetta Iavarone

ASCENT tutorial example on o²S²PARC

Updated on December 28, 2023 (Version 1, Revision 1)

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Elisabetta Iavarone
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Dataset Overview

Study Purpose: To enhance the ASCENT pipeline with a graphical interface where users can interactively explore the necessary files required to run the ASCENT pipeline and execute an example ASCENT simulation of neural responses to stimulation of the vagus nerve. For more information about ASCENT, see the ASCENT paper, code repository, and documentation (

Data Collection: Not applicable; this is a computational dataset. The simulations were performed with ASCENT v.1.2.1

Primary Conclusion: Modeled activation threshold computed in this o²S²PARC implementation match the results computed with the ASCENT code. In addition, users do not need to perform any installation.

Curator's Notes

Experimental Design: Not applicable; this is a computational dataset.

Completeness: This dataset is part of a larger study, "ASCENT on o²S²PARC"

Subjects & Samples: This is a computational model dataset; thus no subjects are described.

Primary vs derivative data: Not applicable. This is a computational study. Only a configuration file to view and run the simulation on the oSPARC platform is provided.

Code Availability: A code repository for this dataset is available here, see documentation for details.


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December 28, 2023
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December 28, 2023 (Version 1)
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