Computational model of laryngeal muscle activation in mice during vagus nerve stimulation

William Huffman, Ph.D.
Nicole A Pelot, Ph.D.
Warren M Grill, Ph.D.

Model of motor unit activation in laryngeal muscles.

Updated on March 9, 2023 (Version 1, Revision 1)

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Nicole Pelot
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Dataset Overview

Study Purpose: The purpose of this study is to replicate activation of laryngeal muscles in mice. The model was parameterized using particle swarm optimization algorithm.

Data Collection: Simulations were performed in MATLAB.

Data Conclusion: The model replicates in vivo findings including non-linear relationship with mean pulse rate.

Curator's Notes

Experimental Design: A computation model of laryngeal muscle activation in mice during vagus nerve stimulation.

Completeness: This dataset is complete.

Subjects & Samples: This is a computational model dataset; thus no subjects are described.

Primary vs derivative data: Not applicable. This is a computational study; the primary data folder contains MATLAB simulations of vagal activity.

Code Availability: Matlab script of the muscle activation model and the tonic pattern is provided in the code folder.


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March 2, 2023
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March 9, 2023 (Version 1)
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