Michigan High Res EEG - UMHS0018

William C Stacey, M.D.
Stephen Gliske, Ph.D.

Scalp and stereotactic EEG for UMHS0018. Class Ib outcome

Updated on December 18, 2023 (Version 2)

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William Stacey
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Dataset Overview


41 y/o man with 4 days of stereotactic EEG (4 depth electrodes) and sleep staging. He had left frontal cingulate lobectomy. Pathology showed cortical dysplasia. Had Class Ib outcome (rare seizures only when misses meds).

The electrodes in the seizure onset zones are: [ 11:14 ].
The electrodes in the resected volume are: [ 1 11 12 33 34 ].

File Information

EEG data and metadata are stored in the files.

TXT files

  • database-patientID-sessionNumber.chanHdr.txt: Meta data on the channels used
    • nChan: Number of active channels
    • nChanTot: Total number of channels
    • macro: Macroelectrodes
    • micro: Microelectrodes
    • depth: Intracranial grid electrodes
    • ECoG: Intracranial grid electrodes
    • external: Scalp electrodes
    • chanMap: Electrodes indicated in the channel map
  • database-patientID-sessionNumber.clinHdr.txt: Clinical meta data
    • knowSOZ: Whether the seizure onset zone was known
    • knowIfResected: Whether there will be resection
    • didResect: Whether there was resection
    • knowResectedVol: Whether the resected volume was known
    • knowOutcome: Whether the patient oucome was known
    • ILAE_outcome: Epilepsy surgery seizure outcome using the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE) Outcome Scale
    • RV: Electrodes placed in the resected volume
    • SOZ: Electrodes placed in the seizure onset zone
    • highIIS: Electrodes placed at locations with interictal spikes

DOCX files

  • database-patientID.LTM.docx: De-identified copy of clinical and hospitalization record
  • database-patientID.surgical-report.docx: Surgical report
  • database-patientID.pathology.docx: Pathology information
  • database-patientID.electrode-placement.docx: Electrode placement

PPT files

These files contain clinical information.

LAY files

These files contain Persyst EEG data.

DAT files

These files contain Persyst EEG data.


  • MAT files contain EEG metadata.
  • MinutesFromStart.mat contains the duration (minutes) from the first EEG sample of the patient to the first EEG sample taken in each session.
  • PatientID-sleep-scores.mat contains information from sleep staging.
    • time: Time at the sleep stage
    • stageCode: The indices that correspond to the sleep stages in stage
    • stage: Sleep stage
    • nonREMsleep: Details during non-REM sleep
  • LAY files can be read with inifile.m, lay_data_read.m, and lay_hdr_read.m.


  • Ensure that the codes are in the active folder or in your MATLAB path.
  • Change the false to true if you want to read the annotations into the header. Not recommended for long clinical EEG.
  • The startIdx and stopIdx are the indexes from the .dat file you are interested in. For the start of the file, startIdx=1. For the end of the file, stopIdx = hdr.datapoints.
    hdr = lay_hdr_read(filename,false);  
    data = lay_data_read(hdr,startIdx,stopIdx);


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