Sources of off-target effects for vagus nerve stimulation using the LivaNova clinical lead in swine

Evan N Nicolai, B.S.
Megan L Settell, Ph.D.
Brian Gosink
Warren M Grill, Ph.D.
Nicole A Pelot, Ph.D.
Bruce E Knudsen
Andrea L McConico
James K Trevathan
Ian W Baumgart
Erika Ross
Kenneth J Gustafson
Andrew J Shoffstall
Justin C Williams
Kip A Ludwig, Ph.D.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation evoked vagus nerve compound action potential and neck muscle electromyography data

Updated on August 11, 2021 (Version 1)

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Kip Ludwig
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Dataset Overview

Study purpose: To characterize responses to vagus nerve stimulation in an animal model similar to humans, especially activation of neck muscles.

Data collection:Electrophysiology and electromyography was collected using a Tucker Davis Technology system in swine in response to vagus nerve stimulation.

Primary conclusion: Responses associated with activation of neck muscles occur via two pathways, the recurrent and superior laryngeal branches of the vagus nerve. Neck muscle activation occurs at lower stimulation thresholds than other responses across the cohort of animals.

Experimental Design: Intrafascicular electrodes were placed, within the vagus nerve to record electroneurographic (ENG) responses, and needle electrodes were placed in the vagal-innervated neck muscles to record electromyographic (EMG) responses. Bipolar stimulation was delivered at 30 Hz using symmetric biphasic pulses with 200 μs per phase and amplitudes from 50 to 3000 μA evaluated in random order. Stimulation was typically delivered for 30 s at each amplitude with at least 1 min rest between trials to allow cardiac responses to return to baseline; in some cases, stimulation was delivered for 3 s at each amplitude with at least 10 s rest due to time constraints.

Completeness: Dataset is complete.

Subjects & Samples: Male (n=7) and female (n=5) domestic pigs between 3-4 months of age were used in this study.

Primary vs derivative data: Each specific nested data folder nested under primary data (sub-) includes raw electrophysiology recordings organized by individual session subfolders. Parameters of the individual sessions can be found in the performances.xlsx file. There is no derivative data folder.

Code availability: Source Matlab code used to analyze all the electrophysiology and electromyography data are provided in the code folder. Use the notes files in the "docs" folder to understand entries into the code. There are multiple tabs (bottom right in excel) for each notes file.

Important Notes: This dataset is in support of the accepted Journal of Neural Engineering paper "Sources of off-target effects of vagus nerve stimulation using the helical clinical lead in domestic pigs" available at

This dataset is currently undergoing image registration and will be updated once this process is complete.


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