3D imaging of enteric neurons in a male mouse

Andrea Kalinoski
Marthe Howard

Confocal image projection of enteric ganglia in a male mouse

Updated on August 12, 2021 (Version 1, Revision 1)

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Marthe Howard
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Dataset Overview

Study Purpose: To examine intra-interganglionic connectivity, neurochemical code, and morphology.

Data Collection: This dataset contains confocal projections of colonic myenteric ganglia from VIP reporter mouse.

Primary Conclusion: None stated

Curator's Notes

Experimental Design: A single VIP reporter male mouse was anesthetized, surgery performed, the distal colon dissected and fixed in PFA for 24 hours. Whole-mount stained preparations were imaged via confocal microscopy. Individual Z plane images by the channel labeling VIP (ch00 green), ChAT (ch01 red), and NOS (ch02 blue) were collected.

Completeness: This dataset is part of a larger study: "Quantitative Morphology, Transcriptomics, and Function of Enteric Neurons Expressing VIP"

Subjects & Samples: This study used one, 45 day old, male VIP reporter mouse (RRID:IMSR_JAX:031628).

Primary vs derivative data: The primary folder contains raw confocal images (.lif) collected from one sample. Individual Z plane images by the channel are also available in primary data. The derivative folder contains movies through the stack and a converted source microscopy image.

Important Notes: Primary data is stored in the proprietary Leica format. The user should open .lif – Leica Interface File first with all the needed information pertaining to the imaging session. Tif images can be opened in image J.


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