Gene expression profile of interscapular brown adipose tissue (iBAT) and inguinal white adipose tissue (iWAT) whole ganglia sequencing in mice

Heike Muenzberg, Ph.D.
Hans-Rudolf Berthoud
Sangho Yu
rui zhang, Ph.D.
Clara Huesing, Ph.D.
Nathan Lee, B.S.
Richard Carmouche
Sara Webb
Susan Newman

Identification of the gene expression profile of interscapular brown fat (iBAT)-related ganglia (SG/T1 & T3) and inguinal white fat (iWAT)-related ganglia (T13/L1 & L2).

Updated on May 5, 2021 (Version 1, Revision 1)

Corresponding Contributor:

Heike Muenzberg
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Dataset Overview

Study purpose: The study goal is to identify the gene expression profile of interscapular brown fat (iBAT)-related ganglia (SG/T1 & T3) and inguinal white fat (iWAT)-related ganglia (T13/L1 & L2).

Data collection: RNA sequencing raw data in fastq, bz2 files.

Primary conclusion: Results from RNA sequencing data revealed that there were no gender differences in iBAT-related ganglia and iWAT-related ganglia. Additionally, we verified several known pre- and postganglionic signaling genes. We found robust differences between iBAT- and iWAT-related ganglia gene expression.

Curator's Notes

Experimental Design: Total RNA was extracted from the dissected interscapular brown adipose tissue (iBAT) related ganglia and inguinal white adipose tissue (iWAT)-related ganglia by Trizol RNA extraction protocol. Stellate ganglion (SG), thoracic ganglion T3, thoracolumbar ganglion T13/L1, lumbar ganglion L2, and ganglion fat were contrasted by high throughput sequencing. The samples that passed QC (Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer Instrument, RRID:SCR_019389) were processed on Illumina Nextseq 550 (Illumina NextSeq 550 System, RRID:SCR_016381) single-end protocol (75 base pairs).

Completeness: This dataset is a part of a larger study: "Genetically-based neuro-modulation of adipose tissue functions".

Subjects & Samples: Male (n=4) and female (n=4) adult, 5 month old mice (RRID:IMSR_JAX:000664) were used in the study.

Primary vs derivative data: Primary data consists of raw sequencing data in fastq, bz2 files organized in animal ID folders, and tissue sample subfolders.

Important Notes: This dataset is currently undergoing image registration and will be updated once this process is complete.


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